Edukids Technology Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2009 by a group of teachers who are passionate about the mathematics education for children. [Passion for life, Pursuit of Excellence, Creating the Future] are the principles of our company. Edukids aims to build a more complete and better educational environment for our future generations. Edukids is committed to promote the new method of mathematics education in order to instil the enjoyment of learning mathematics and the self-study ability of children and at the same time, build up the confidence of children in learning mathematics.  


Edukids Technology Sdn. Bhd. merged its professionalism into the teaching materials in order to allow education returns to its natural state. Children are given a chance to truly understand the basic knowledge and foster the habit of thinking. Thinking skills training in mathematics can help children in schoolwork and cultivate the adaptability which can be applied in real life as strength to the children in the future.


Edukids Technology Sdn. Bhd. collaborated with more than one hundred primary schools to popularize Mathematical Olympiad Courses in order to improve children’s international mathematics standard and qualified appraisal. The continuous reinforcement of teaching materials, research & development and regular training session for teachers would assist in stimulating the potential in children and create the independency of self-thinking in them so that they are able to achieve a splendid life in the future.


Edukids Technology Sdn. Bhd. alliances with Beijing Shenmo Education Institution to promote education resources, nurture the concept of “Happy Learning” in children to help them reach their full potential and to contribute to the well-being of the society.


育能教育成立於2009年,由一群热爱儿童数学教育的教师们所组成的团体。我们以「热爱生命、追求卓越、创造未来」为经营理念, 希望为下一代营造更完整更完善的教育环境。我们致力於创新推广数学教育的新方法,让孩子发现数学的乐趣与自学的能力,建立起学习数学的信心。








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